Holiday in Cambodia!

After the hustle and bustle of India, Cambodia has overall been a welcome change of pace. We started out navigating through the hoards of tourists visiting Angkor Wat, which despite the crowds was absolutely amazing. We opted for the 3 day pass so we could take our time visiting the many temples. Even then we couldn’t possible take it all in. We did get to the main temples, including my favorite Ta Prohm, and discovered that there really is something to the “temple fatigue,” everyone talks about. I’d like to believe the kids appreciated some of the sights, but admittedly, they preferred the pool at our hotel in Siem Reap. What can you do? On the upside they are much more confident in their swimming abilities.

After Siem Reap, we chose to slow it down a bit in the, oh-so-chill seaside town of Kep. More pool time for the kids = more relaxing time for the parents. We missed Kep Beach altogether but did visit the bustling crab market and spent a morning bushwhacking through Kep National Forest with some lovely Aussies we met along the trail. We even stumbled across a wonderful cafe, Kep Coffee, owned by former Seattleites. Neat!

We are currently back in Phnom Pehn enjoying the hospitality and company of Kishore’s cousin and her husband for a few days while we figure out the next chapter of our journey. Before we leave, we will be visiting the Killing Fields and Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, the latter likely without kids.

Below are some images from our time in Cambodia thus far.

-Happy New Year from all of us!

Scenes from Angkor Wat and the surrounding temples


Kep’s Vibrant Crab Market

Sunset at crab market-2

Around Kep