A Frozen PNWonderland

We have experienced some frigid temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest over the last week. By Montana standards this is nothing, but dips into the low 20’s are enough to set your teeth a chattering and your car door and gas cap to freeze shut simultaneously. It is also a rare occurrence for the temperatures to be just right for just long enough to allow Fisher Pond here on Vashon Island to completely freeze over.

The last time Fisher froze was 4 years ago, so it was a real treat to experience it for our first time last week.  It is a magical event and many of the island’s residents come out to share in the joy that it brings.  A long time island family, the Petersons have amassed probably close to 80 pairs of ice skates in various sizes that they bring to the pond and lend out for free to anyone interested in getting out on the ice. Others bring hot cocoa and cider for the kids and there was even a bonfire at the edge of the pond one evening at sunset. It is just another of the numerous amazing things that make this island so special.








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